Forum Thread: Insert poem here...

I stepped into a world call Planet Poem,
Blue sky through dark trees cried out to me, Roam!
There would I find friend or foe?
Or perhaps even Edgar Allan Poe!
Now as inspiration does fade,
through Corkboard, Forum and Blog I wade.
Hell, any poem of mine can't be as good as these!
Surely no one who reads this ever will it please.
So time for my click clack to stay,
and with a flourish of the mouse I'll away.

3 Responses

This is cool Steven! I like it welcome to my world :) Keep writing and i think a friend is what you found.

Thanks! It was fun to write, so thanks for the inspiration! Anyone else have a poem they'd like to share? I'm sure we'd all like to read it! If you're having trouble starting, have a look at Sage's blog entry on How to Start a Poem.

Your amazing dude thanks for the posts. Everyone feel free to post your poems here. This planet is waiting for you.

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