How To: Start a Poem

Start a Poem

How To Write A Poem

There are a million ways to start a poem. unfortunatly I wont be able to explain all of them, actually I can't explain them.  Everyone has their own way of writing. If you are a beginer you will eventually find your own way. I will show you some ways that could help you write your own poem.

Step 1 Get Inspired

Anything could be inspirational, I mean anything. It could be from a question, a animal, a book, a movie, music, a play, a dance or whatever comes to your mind. You need to know what to write about before you pick up a pencil. You could also try writing without anything in mind whatever floats your boat.  


  • Carry a notebook with you and anything that catches you eyes or ears write it inside your notebook.
  • You could also try taking pictures for inspiration.  

Step 2 What type of poem are you going to write?

You could free write where you just write without a format or structure. You could also write a structured poem such as a sonnet. 


  • You don't necessarily need to know what type of poem you will write. You could just write and then figure that out later. 

Step 3 Revision!

It is important for a writer to always revise his or her work. The more you revise a paper the better you will feel about your piece.  Professional poets always revise their work more than 15 times take that into consideration.


  • Try to get someone else to revise your work. It could be a teacher, a friend, or a writer. 
  • You could go back to a poem you wrote a year ago and revise that
  • You could also put away a poem and come back to it later. It wont go anywhere.

Step 4 Take it to the next level

You could enter your poem in a competition or you could start going to open mics. The more you put your work out there the more likely it is to get discovered.


  • Memorize your poem and "spit on the mic" that means participate in open mics. 
  • Post your work on websites or competitions.
  • Go to writing workshops 

The Sky is the Limit

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