News: I Got a Blessing for the Sky

I Got a Blessing for the Sky

My sister can sometimes be bossy

She can sometimes get so grumpy

She can sometimes act like she owns it

But the fact is that I can't deny she is a blessing from the sky

She with desperation waited for me

She with frustration took care of me

Since she was young me and my brother

Became her priority

She didn't have to show any affection

To show that she loved me

I always knew we had a connection

We were connected, by even further than blood

After my dad died

She took her role as my big sister

Even though she kept her distance

She learned to heal my wounds

She was always told that she couldn't

She was told she will never get to the top

That she wasn't that smart

But she proved all the people wrong

She was made fun of

And was compared to my smartness

But that never bought her down

She was just born a leader

Thus she always stood high

Never looking down

Never looking back

For her goal was always to go further

God sended me here

With this angel

He gave me a blessing

A blessing I learned to call sister 

- by Andrea Callejas 2012

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