News: I'm So Sorry

I'm So Sorry

So sorry

I'm so sorry I'm not what you expected,

Never quite alive I see the false life you tried to lead,

I'm making smiles that never last,

Annoying people I know it's bad but I can't help but feel so sad,

They were almost glad to see the maddest part inside you,

I never gave the satisfaction of seeing my reaction.

I'm so sorry I exist,

Am I worth it?

It almost makes me frown,

But the hardest part of this,

Is knowing I won't be missed,

Even though you say those words,

Those words so lovely to my ears,

Sounding like a harp that hits my heart,

Yet I can't help but fear,

These words aren't real,

I feel disturbed unnerved,

This life of mine so absurd. 

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