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Poem of the Day

The last tree on earth

The world looks new today.

Yesterday was just another faded memory.

I am too old to keep up with the beginning, middle, and end.

Time won't slow down for my old beating heart.

My time is coming... I am ready.

The kiss of the wind is breaking my branches, but I don't mind.

My wood is slowly decaying, pain is my old friend.

Images of growing cities and the two legs haunt me.

I am but a humble tree, old and fragile.

Those images of my people being destroyed…

What could I have done, I am but a humble tree.

A old and fragile tree.

I am the last of my kind, the last tree on earth.

Our death lead to their own destruction..

They were a young race that grew up too fast.

If only they have listened to our cries.

My time has come Farwell earth.

I am grateful for your kindness and generosity

I am grateful for your gifts

Thank you I hope next time we won't end up like this..

By: Sage Peralta

Stop destroying our trees please

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