News: Sonnet 7

Sonnet 7

A.  There/ are/ i/ssues/ that/ are/ just/ o/ccur/ring/

B.  Now/ a/ days/ peo/ple/ don't/ care/ much/ any/more/

A. Peo/ple/ do/ not/ seem/ to/ be/ no/tic/ing/

B. Are/ they/ just/ pre/tend/ing/ to/ be/ so/ poor/

C. It/ is/ just/ be/com/ing/ so/ dan/ger/ous/

D. Why/ won't/ peo/ple/ just/ start/ to/ do/ some/thing/

C. Those/ who/ do/ care/ be/come/ so/ fur/i/ous/

D. They/ can/ try/ to/ at/ least/ do/ like/ any/thing/

E. Pro/ba/bly/ be/cause/ there/ is/ just/ i/ssues/

F. I/ ser/i/ous/ly/ can't/ wait/ for/ ch/ange/

E. Is/ this/ rea/lly/ be/ing /just/ a/ mis/use/

F. Does/ it/ have/ to/ de/pend/ on/ the/ right/ age/

G. Peo/ple/ need/ to/ take/ more/ care/ of/ them/selves/

G. Can't/ we/ all/ just/ get/ a/long/ with/ our/selves/ 

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