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Yes/ter/day /the/ tri/pod/ went/ to/ go/ swim    A

Den/ver/ is/ real/ly/ fast/ but/ I'm /fast/er    B

I/ thought/ I/ was/ cool/ and/ then/ I/ saw /HIM    A

Car/los/ Do/min/guez/ is/ the/ real/ mas/ter    B

An/drew/ is/ o/kay/ at/ swim/ming/ al/so    C

Though/ he/ gets/ mad/ when/ we/ play/ bas/ket/ball   D

Be/cause/ Den/ver/ want/ed/ his/ chance/ to/ glow   C

Will/ie /push/ed/ me/ so/ I /thought/ I/ would /fall   D

The/ o/ther/ team/ was/ good/, we/ were/ to/ slow   E

The/ old/ guy/ with/ no/ shirt/ was/ to/ cree/py   F

What/ else/ to/ say?/ Ill/ just/ fol/low/ the/ flow   E

I/ thought/ this/ thing/ was/ going/ to/ be/ easy   F

O/kay/ I/ am/ lost/ BOOM/ there/ is/ your/ twist   G

I/ don't/ know/ why/ I'm/ look/ing/ at/ my/ fist   G

By: Indalecio Martinez

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