News: United We Stand

United We Stand

Through the eyes of the ignorant.

United We Stand.

1. An immigrants life isn't  what people say

2. Took jobs that people want, they should be ashamed.

3. They do not work they sit around and play

4. I'm sick of it, kill them or get them tamed  

5. Like a dog on a leash, trapped in a cage.

6. I don't really care what they hear or feel

7.I cannot stand it I am filled with rage

8. Kill it, kill it now, now before they heal.

9. What is this they are human, now I see. mean to tell me, I was inhumane?

11. do on to me as I did on to thee.

12. go ahead, after all I was insane

13. You won't, I knew you were a wuss

14. I knew it cuz' all of you are a puss…

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